Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodeling in California

Bathroom remodeling can take a bathroom that is blase and make it into something beautiful. How much time do you spend in your bathroom? Think about it. A few minutes every day? A half hour? An hour? The average person will spend about 568 days in their bathroom over a lifetime. That equals roughly 819,000 minutes, or 13,650 hours out of your entire life. So if you’re going to spend that much time in your bathroom, doesn’t it make sense you enjoy it? We think so. We’re Abraham Building & Consulting, the innovators that started 12 Day Bathroom remodeling, and our mission is to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space you will enjoy for years to come.

Abraham Building & Consulting has a bathroom remodeling option for just about every budget. You’d be shocked at how something as small as replacing a sink and refinishing a couple cabinets can change the look and feel of a bathroom. A small investment in a bathroom remodel can pay dividends later on. A modern bathroom adds tremendous value to your home and to your life. Let Abraham Building & Consulting’ bathroom remodeling experts show you how.

How Long Does It Take to Remodel My Bathroom?

The length of time it takes to remodel your bathroom depends on the expertise of your bathroom remodeling contractor. Abraham Building & Consulting can give your bathroom a makeover in 12 days, less than two weeks. How are we able to complete a bathroom remodeling project so quickly? We are experts in the field of renovation, makeovers, and complete bathroom overhauls.

Having an expert, in-house bathroom remodeling team means we are able to maximize our time and reduce the amount of time needed to design and build your dream bathroom.

Can A Remodeling Contractor Transform My Bathroom Into a Spa?

A skilled bathroom remodeling contractor can transform your bathroom into a spa with the right design and features. Abraham Building & Consulting’ renovation experts can pull together all the elements you want in a bathroom – like a massaging bathtub, waterfall shower, elegant vanity, and even a built-in sound system – and combine them into one bathroom remodel you will love for years to come.What has made Abraham Building & Consulting a leader in bathroom remodeling in the Los Angeles area for years is our willingness to combine technology with the newest design trends. Our in-house designers use the latest 3D imaging technology (the same technology employed in major Hollywood motion pictures) to design and pre-visualize your new bathroom. Our design team will walk you through multiple design options — from the classic bathroom to the sleek and ultramodern — and thanks to modern 3D technology you can see your bathroom spring to life before one piece of tile has been cut.

Why Should I Choose Abraham Building & Consulting for My Next Bathroom Remodeling?

You should choose Abraham Building & Consulting because we combine a passion for design with a devotion to quality workmanship.

Abraham Building & Consulting handles every part of the bathroom remodeling process for you. From design to completion of your bathroom remodel. You’ll be given a written estimate of costs that includes everything from the cost of labor to the cost of blueprints and permits.

Abraham Building & Consulting also gives you a dedicated project manager for each bathroom remodeling project. That project manager will oversee construction and ensure that your bathroom remodel is done to your specifications. With Abraham Building & Consulting on your side, you will never be left to fend for yourself, deal with subcontractors or the city permit office. That is our job.

Everyone that works for, or with Abraham Building & Consulting, is dedicated to one thing: making our clients smile at the first sight of their newly remodeled bathroom. That is why we have strived for twenty years to combine great design with cutting edge technology and excellent customer service. Bathroom remodeling is easy when you use Abraham Building & Consulting.

The Bathroom Remodeling Difference

Abraham Building & Consulting specializes in bathroom remodeling and offers custom bathrooms you won’t find anywhere else. We provide modern and efficient remodeling, savings on essential elements such as new tile, countertops and bathroom fixtures through our exclusive network of wholesalers, complimentary professional design services, and outstanding quality as a result of our more than 20 years of experience.