Budget Friendly Complete Home Remodel Long Beach

In the picturesque city of Long Beach, our team of skilled craftsman and project managers embarked on a comprehensive home remodel for an 1,800 square foot residence. This ambitious project entailed a top-to-bottom transformation, covering every aspect of the home’s interior from the floors to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Our detailed approach included a complete rewire and repipe, ensuring that the home’s essentials were up-to-date and functioning optimally. As the project progressed, we encountered several walls that needed wood rott repair. As you’ll see in the photo’s we also removed some walls to create a big open space. Our team also tackled problematic framing issues in the ceiling, we corrected them with precision and expertise. 

The end result was a stunning, fully renovated home that exuded style and functionality, while seamlessly addressing all structural concerns. The homeowners were left with a beautifully reimagined space, ready for them to build new memories and enjoy the comforts of their full planned and redesigned sanctuary.